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1st Birthday Party

1st Birthday social

What a great evening. Thank you to everyone that came along and danced.

Thank you so much for the raffle prizes and all your donations.

It was great to see how far you have all progressed and enjoyed yourselves.

After the hall cost was taken out, we all raised another Β£522 for Dorothy House.

Phew! After a busy morning of sorting out all of the crates and putting them back into storage, going to a cafe for a late breakfast and a glorious afternoon nap, I feel more able to write a post!

What a fantastic 1st birthday party social 😁 We danced (a lot). We chatted. We played a couple of games (with prizes) We had loads of laughter πŸ˜… And we raised a fabulous amount of money for Dorothy House πŸ’°πŸ’Έ

Thank you Cassie Topliss and Brian Jones for helping us set up and then packing everything up at the end. It would all be so much harder without you guys help 😘

Thank you also to Susan for going around the hall collecting the rubbish and empty plates during the raffle. It was such a thoughtful thing to do and a huge help ☺️

And a Thank you to the anonymous class member for arranging the birthday cake (and Hazel for making it) πŸŽ‚

And a massive Thank you and well done to all of the dancers from Line ’em Up , Dad ‘N’ Daughter Line Dance and Get In Line Public Group and the dancers and friends that also came along to support and celebrate with us 🎊πŸ₯³

We both remember when some of our Get in line members first arrived at our classes, some whom had danced before, others who had only bopped along at a party or two. To see how each and every one of you has progressed and grown in confidence, embraced our style of classes, helped each other (on and off the dancefloor) and continue to come along each week to classes makes us immensely proud πŸ‘πŸ‘

Here’s to the next year of fun and dancing!

Dance List

Hayya Hayya
We’re Good to Go
Easy Come Easy Go
Lucky Lips
Mamma Maria
Storm and Stone
Until the Dawn
Memory Lane
Three Small Tequilas
Stand by Me
Til the Neons Gone
Tush Push
Swamp Thing
Give Me Your Tempo
Proud 2B Country
This and That
Aint No Mountain
Midnight Waltz
Ritas Waltz
I Close My Eyes
Til You Can’t
Ah Si
K Step And Rumba
Toe to Toe / Day of the Dead
County Line Cha Cha
Never Drinking Again
Glass of Wine
Beyonces Country
Lighter With You
Black Coffee

Sorry for any requests that I didn’t get around to playing as we simply ran out of time but we did manage to get through most of them.