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AB Course – Week 3

Well done to everyone. It was clear you’d all been doing your homework. A very impressive third week from you all.

Tonight we covered

Recap of Ah Si
Recap of Stand by Me
Recap of Mamma Maria – We even tried arm movements

We also covered Additonal Terminology, Step Sheet Explanations and Restarts

We also learnt a new dance: Rocket to the Sun

Rocket to the Sun
32 Count, 4 Walls
Choreographer: Maddison Glover
Music: What You’ve Done to Me by Samantha Jade


As discussed this evening, where possible we use ‘Line Dance Dallas’ for demo videos where they have covered a particular dance. The demo dances in this channel are likely the best you’ll find online and are always followed by a ‘teach’ after the demo in English and Chinese. Line Dance Dallas has several channels but her current one is LineDanceDallas5