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Chippenham AB Course Week 4

Chippenham AB Course – Week 4

Tonight we covered

Dance Floor Ettiquette
Different Types of Line
Line Dance Levels

We also recapped

Stand by Me
Mamma Maria
Ah si
Rocket to the Sun

We talked about socials for a while (longer than I planned) but also we have a quick guide to socials that we wrote some time ago.

We also talked about dancewear and clothing. Please do not rush out and buy a brand new pair of cowboy boots, for a little while at least and if you must, make sure that they are leather soled, not rubber.

I talked about ‘shoe socks’ as being a cheap alternative to wear with rubber soled shoes, please see the image below. There are a number of places that they can be bought but I’ve found Amazon to be quite useful (search ‘shoe socks for dance’ or ‘dance socks’)

Hope you all enjoyed this week, next week (week 5) it is the all important Class information for all the classes in the area and how to find out more about them.