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Chippenham Absolute Beginners Wk 6

Well done to all the Absolute Beginners. Your progression has been a joy to see. You showed this evening that you took in the lessons taught over the last six weeks, remember the dances (mostly) and have really progressed.

Tonight we recapped

Mamma Maria
Ah Si
Ritas Waltz
Lindi Shuffly (contra)
Stand By Me
Rocket to the Sun.

We also covered events, workshops, weekends and a little more on classes.

You are all of course welcome to our Calne class (unfortunately Chippenham class is full to bursting) but there are a number of great classes around the area that might suit you.

Please remember that when choosing a class that every instructor is different and have different teaching styles. Some are more formal, some take a more social approach to classes, some will only teach to country music etc.

We’re working on getting the information for the other Corsham classes, we know that Kevin, Dave and Sarah each have classes in Corsham. There is of course Line Em Up in Swindon along with Di’Mond Spurs, Dad N Daughter in Devizes, Sandra Stacey in Melksham and Mandy and Sarah in Bath and far more on the class locator.

You will all receive an email from us over the next couple of days with more information, it will also ask in the email for you to respond if you would like us to keep your contact information to give you updates on classes in the area. If you do not want us to keep your information you don’t need to do anything.