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Calne and Chippenham 07/02 – 08/02

This is this weeks mega post due to no post last night and the new Improvers class that started this week.

Calne class was on form on Wednesday with some great dancing done.

In Calne we danced

Heave Away

Lucky Lips

I Got Lucky

Waltz Across Texas

Stand by Me

In Chippenham tonight for the Beginners Class we danced

Toe to Toe

Lucky Lips

I Got Lucky

Never Drinking Again

Stand By Me

Rocket to the Sun

This weeks new dance for the Beginner class was ‘Gives Me Shivers’

Gives Me Shivers

32 Count, 4 Walls

Choreographer: Brandon Zahorsky

Music: Shivers by Ed Sheeran

Step Sheet:…/154517/gives-me-shivers

Video: (Yes I know they have drinks on the dance floor!)

Tonight was the first night for the Improvers Class in Chippenham. To say I’m impressed is an understatement. We blew through my class plan and still had loads of time for another dance and recap dances!

Tonight you danced

Give Me Your Tempo

Choreographer: Nathan Gardiner

Step Sheet:…/give-me-your…


Storm and Stone

Choreographer: Maddison Glover

Step Sheet:…/storm-and-stone…


Cross My Heart

Choreographer: Karl Harry Winson

Step Sheet:…/cross-my-heart…


Midnight Waltz

Choreographer: Jo Thompson Szymanksi

Step Sheet:…/midnight-waltz…


Well done to everyone this week, you all worked so hard and looked amazing