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Chippenham AB Course – Week 6

Those 6 weeks flew by far faster than we could have imagined. What a huge difference this week than from week 1. We’re so very proud of you all and very impressed with all your progression.

Tonight we covered

Your Next Steps

We talked about the differences between events, workshops and weekends, what can you expect from each, how to prepare and the costs associated with them.

We have also put aside a few of the April Workshop tickets that we very briefly discussed for anyone that would like to attend. Click HERE For more information

We also talked about different class types, days, evenings and such and where to find classes. You are all of course welcome to our Calne and Chippenham beginner classes but the Everything Line Dance Class locater that I posted last week is also linked below. Put in a location, change the filter to beginners and look through the list for a class that suits you.

The dances we have done over the course are as follows

Mamma Maria

Ah Si

Stand By Me

Rita’s Waltz

Rocket to the Sun

One Step Forward

We have thoroughly enjoyed the last 6 weeks and really do hope that you all decide to continue on your Line Dance journey. Again you are more than welcome to join us in our classes but even if you don’t just us, please seek out a Beginners class that suits you and remember that every Line Dance Instructor is different and has a different style of teaching, even in some cases terminology.

We hope to see you all on a dance floor soon.